Green Ridge State Forest Meets the C&O Canal

Candee enjoying the view at Point Lookout




Bonds Landing is a secluded boat ramp on the Potomac River that can be accessed by taking either Carroll Road or Mertens Avenue to Kasecamp Road. Kasecamp Road is sometimes referred to as the Kasecamp Loop because it forms a lopsided oval.



The good news is that because of this unique feature, it’s virtually impossible to get lost in this beautiful and secluded section of the upper Potomac Valley. After all, a left onto either Mertens Avenue or Carroll Road leads back to the Oreleans/Old town Road.

Today, we decided to take Carroll Road toward the river. Along the way, we came to a breathtaking view of the valley below known as Point Lookout. The warm, humid air brought a haze into the area that obscured the scenery a bit, but woods, farmland, and two abandoned railroad trestles were easy to spot in the distance.

Point Lookout...what a view even on a hazy day!

Carroll Chimney, which can be viewed from Carroll Road, is a remnant of a steam-powered sawmill built in 1836


Carroll Chimney and Roby Cemetery are two features along Carroll Road that bring nature and history together as each blend in well with the surrounding forest.

The Roby Cemetery is located within a mossy, moist area, which over time has caused the gravestones to tilt at odd angles.















Besides offering access to the river, Bonds Landing is an excellent parking spot (near mile marker 150) for hikers and bikers on the C&O. The closest point of interest are Little Orleans (10 miles to the east) and the Paw Paw tunnel (6 miles to the west), but this section of the canal is known mainly for its many lonely miles. Those who come to this part of the C&O Canal NHP or Green Ridge State Forest will definitely not be disappointed.

Bonds Landing Boat Ramp on the Potomac River


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