My Favorite Tree-Part 2

Today was a beautiful day, in fact, it was the perfect kind of day to be out on the towpath doing a level walk… that’s exactly what we did!  After a hearty breakfast,we headed to Pearre Station, the closest access point to the beginning of our level–Level 52.  After walking a few minutes it quickly became apparent that the area must have had high winds lately, because the path was littered with branches, twigs, and other natural materials.  We  came across two large branches that were partially blocking the path.  Tom had his handy-dandy Wyoming Saw with him, so he was able to quickly cut apart the branches and toss them out of the way.

Wyoming Saw in Action....oh, Tom, too!

After! Tom, great clean up!


We walked for awhile before getting to my favorite tree, and as I got closer, I realized that my tree was gone!  The massive Sycamore had fallen victim to the high winds!   I stood in the middle of the path and mourned the loss of the towering giant that I looked forward to seeing each time we walked past.  I have no idea how tall it was, but it must have sounded like an explosion when it went down.  Trees were splintered beneath it, and the top of the tree shattered when it hit the ground. Fortunately the tree fell away from the towpath, as it would have created a lot of work for the NPS crew!  I walked into the woods to get a closer look and snapped a few pictures…

This picture gives you a good idea of how big the tree was....I'm standing inside of the trunk!


Split open...

I was feeling a bit artistic with this picture!

This was a REALLY BIG tree!

This picture shows how the top of the tree 'shattered' when it hit the ground, crushing everything beneath it!

This is a picture of a very unhappy me, but it shows the scale of the tree....huge! This only shows a small portion of the tree!

On August 24th, I posted a few pictures of my favorite tree when it was still standing strong….Check it out! 

Further down the path, Tom was in action again!



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