Point of Rocks

Built in 1876 by the B&O Railroad Company--If you look carefully, you can see a train in the distance.


All Aboard! Point of Rocks!



Point of Rocks is located near mile marker 48 on the C&O Canal.  This area was hotly disputed between the C&O and Baltimore and Ohio Railroad because of its narrow passage, and the completion of the canal to Harper’s Ferry was delayed until 1833 because of these legal issues.

The town is also the site of an ornate railroad station built by the B&O in 1876.  The station is a hot photo op for railroad buffs–in fact, there were two other people taking pictures of the building while we were there.




View of the US Route 15 Bridge from the boat ramp

Another important fixture nearby is the US Route 15 bridge.  It’s the first bridge across the river past the American Legion Bridge near Cabin John, and the only crossing in between is the Jubal Early at White’s Ferry.  It’s no wonder that the traffic is so heavy: that’s a long way between crossings!

Naturally, we went ripping through the area on our two previous through rides.  Last June, I swallowed a large bug while riding and spent my time gagging and drinking large amounts of water while speeding past the Point of Rocks parking lot.  I had no clue that there was a boat ramp and beautiful view of the river nearby.  I love biking.  In fact it’s more of a passion than hiking or sightseeing, but I can’t reiterate enough that I’ve missed plenty of beautiful scenery on my Trek 7200.  Guess what else I missed?

NPS Sign....Point of Rocks



The town also has a convenience store, pizza shop, and deli.  No doubt, a person biking 60+ miles in a day needs plenty of protein, and there are much better ways to get it than swallowing large insects!  Let’s review: pepperoni pizza or a moth…that’s a no brainer!  Plus, anybody needing a snack has a long way to…guess where…White’s Ferry.

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  1. Thank you for the post for Point of Rocks.
    We do have the convenience store, etc – but I hope people can find them off the towpath, following Rt 28 to the right (east) for about 1/2 mile. The little blue (later turned tan color) store just across the railroad crossing into Point of Rocks – has closed. We here are hoping that a new owner will revive the store, and our hopes are to have the house next door turned into a ‘bike and bed.’

    The Point of Rocks Ruritan Club has recently started a Facebook page for information on the Point of Rocks Train Station – good resource for a national treasure that is currently not open to the public – but the view is tremendous. Many say that it is one of the most photographed train stations in America – we belive it.

    New boat ramp is great, along with a stationary cement outhouse – clean and roomy. You are right, the view from the boat ramp is wonderful of the Potomac River, Furnace Mountain in Virginia, and the blue Potomac River Bridge.

    But, I will point out that between Point of Rocks and the Catoctin Aqueduct, 3+ miles to the west – are 2 railroad tunnels, 2 locks, 2 restored lock houses, a B&O historic train station at one end and a restored C&O Catoctin Aqueduct at the other end. All of which, except the train tunnels, are on the National Register of Historic Places.

    Grand area to hike, bike, drive, float, or boat – welcome


  2. Posted by LevelWalker on July 8, 2012 at 7:03 pm


    Generally, I delete 10-20 spammer comments a day, and I’m always hoping for something useful–like your comment! On a visit to see the Catoctin Creek Aqueduct, we stopped at Point of Rocks for a while. The convenience store was open then, and I’m sorry to hear that it has since closed. PofR is a great stopping point for hikers and bikers on the C&O. A few years back, I had no idea that your town had places to get food and water–the berm does hide everything! I’ll be sure to check out the PofR facebook page. Once again, thanks for a great comment.


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