Long Pond Trail

All roads lead to the C&O Canal!

A few months ago, Candee and I were on our way to Bonds Landing when we spotted this sign.  Somebody definitely went to a lot of trouble to get people interested in hiking, so we thought the least we could do is oblige him by taking a walk on the Long Pond Trail.  The trail extends from Fifteen Mile Creek Road to the C&O Canal towpath and covers approximately seven miles.  It’s named after a large, flat section of the creek, but today we stuck to the lower section–from Oldtown/Orleans Road to the towpath.

You are here!

It’s approximately a mile-and-a-half from the road to the towpath as the trail winds through Green Ridge State Forest.  It starts off with a gentle slope, but sections near the middle and the end are steep and have fairly treacherous footing.  I would certainly recommend a good pair of shoes and a walking stick.  Likewise, I would suggest keeping a camera handy.  This seems to have been a great year for mast, as acorns and hickory nuts littered much of the trail, and where there’s food, there’s bound to be squirrels and deer more than happy to eat it.

Fit for a goat

In places the trail is very narrow, but it is well marked with red paint on many of the adjacent trees.  Part of the lower end of the path follows a small stream bed, and I’m sure that the trail is a muddy mess after a hard rain.  After that, it winds uphill and back down for a few hundred  yards before ending at Lock 58, which is right at Mile Marker 144.  This isn’t an easy hike–by any means–but it is very secluded and peaceful, and it’s a good way to be at one with nature for an hour or two.  In all, Long Pond is one of several interesting trails in Green Ridge State Forest, and I’m looking forward to walking the other end of it sometime soon.

Follow the red painted trees


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  1. I love those mile markers.. will you dig it up and send it to me hmmmm. I can remember as a kid, we’d go to the Gila National Forest in New Mexico and we’d hike trails and creek beds and such. I remember the euphoria and trill of exploring places I hadn’t seen before.

    Sounds like this hike was a thrill for y’all. Maybe you could rent a goat and ride it, to hike the steep inclines?
    Baaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaa okay now I’m being to silly


  2. Posted by LevelWalker on September 24, 2012 at 11:17 pm


    I get what you’re saying. The trail markers are really cool! This is unrelated, but there’s a little town on the WV side of the river called Sleepy Creek. I’ve never stolen anything, but if I had the perfect opportunity, I would think REALLY hard about swiping the “Sleepy Creek: Unincorporated” sign. Now, if it turns up missing, the sign police will come looking for me and an innocent man (ME!!!) will go to the penitentiary specifically created for sign snatchers. Yikes!


  3. LOL…well save the cell next to you, because if that sign ends up missing I’ll be there too. They are so cool. I like signs though.


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