Where’s the beav?

A toothy critter at work

The wildlife is pretty diverse along the C&O Canal towpath.  The park gives deer and squirrels a place to run and hide during hunting season, and, likewise, the Potomac and watered sections of the canal give beavers a place to do their thing without fear of stepping into a steel trap.  At least this seems to be the case near mile marker 138.  The canal is pretty dry at the moment, and a walk down to the river didn’t reveal any signs of a lodge, so maybe this crazy critter was just lunching on some tree bark.  Who knows?

Tim-berrr! Well, not quite

Actually, the truth is that we have seen a lot of beaver sign in this area for the last three years, but we have yet to catch a glimpse of the busy fellow responsible for all of the chaos.  Back in 2010, a beaver started to tackle some really large trees in the swampy area just downstream from the Indigo Neck hiker/biker campground.  Being volunteers, we reported the potential damage to the level walker chair, and he passed on the information to the NPS.  I’m assuming that something less-than-tasty was sprayed on the trees because the gnawing stopped there.  I do feel guilty about that: who wants to be known as the stool pigeon who ratted-out a beaver?

This piece was very fresh. We may have even startled our toothy friend while we noisily walked up the leaf covered, crunchy towpath.

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  1. Yes, but think about all the damage that can be had by these busy critters. Looks like they had quite a feast too. I’d hate to have a tooth fight with this bugger.


  2. Posted by LevelWalker on November 10, 2012 at 6:24 pm


    They aren’t quite as bad as a wolverine or badger, but beavers have plenty of attitude. I’ve has a couple of run-ins with them over the years. They’re definitely nothing to mess with!


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