Conococheague Creek Aqueduct

Front view

The Conococheague Creek Aqueduct is a 210′, 3 arch structure that was completed in 1834.  Heading upstream from Georgetown, it’s the fifth of the eleven aqueducts and is located near mile marker 99 in Williamsport, Maryland.  The Cushwa Basin area is a popular destination for hikers, bikers, fishermen, and historians, and when the weather is nice, it’s common to see a full parking lot.

Fishing the debris

Conococheague Creek is the second largest tributary entering the Potomac on the Maryland side between Cumberland and Georgetown.  Due to this, the Conococheague Creek Aqueduct has the same major problem as the Monocacy Aqueduct–debris.  Logs and trash aren’t much of an issue at any of the single-arch structures, but where there are arches, there”s bound to be loads of flood materials.

Conococheague Creek Aqueduct side view

Being at the junction of two large streams, the aqueduct has taken quite a beating over the years, and not surprisingly, the upstream wall is missing.  In 1920, it collapsed with a boat in the aqueduct–which fell into the creek–but luckily nobody was injured.  Nevertheless, the aqueduct still draws a crowd, and there has been talk of placing a wooden trunk inside of it so that this section of the canal can be watered once more.  That would allow the C&O to look much as it did between 1920 and 1924 and enable the NPS to offer rides in small, electric-powered boats.  That project is somewhere down the road, and it’s sure to make Williamsport an even more popular destination.

Upstream view at dusk

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  1. I hope the do open that up. What a fun adventure that would be riding in a boat. Would generate revenue too. It looks like tons of beavers got together and built a community dam… I’d hate to be on that bridge during a flood eke.

    Great photos!!!!


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