Repairs Done at MM 155, etc.

Towpath at MM 155

This past winter, a landslide near mile marker 155 closed the towpath just beyond the Paw Paw Tunnel.  All hikers wanting to go beyond this point were re-routed over the Tunnel Hill Trail.  Recently, however, the NPS made the proper reparations, and seeing the trail cleared was a wonderful site.  As the weather grows warmer, more through hikers and bikers will be hitting the trail, and the prospects for pushing a fully-loaded hybrid over Tunnel Hill would have been pretty difficult.


Looking up from this angle, one can see where the loose rubble slid down the hill.  A section of secured fencing has been put up in order to keep passers-by safe from any further slides–should they occur.  The area around the Paw Paw Tunnel is among the most popular in the western end of the C&O Canal, and we were very pleased to be able to continue with our hike.

Lockhouse 62 ruins

Although the C&O Canal closed to boat traffic after a severe flood in 1924, many lockhouses were occupied for several more years.  Such is the case with Lockhouse 62, but the story has a tragic ending.  According to Thomas K. Hahn’s Towpath Guide to the C&O Canal, former “lock tender Joe Davis and his wife were murdered here by shooting in 1934″ (194).  While hiking over Tunnel Hill Trail, we met a retired railroad worker who told us that a known “bad man” was in the area at the time, and  he disappeared right after the murders.  The case was never solved.

We enjoyed the wildflowers along the towpath, particularly this splash of gold in the green grass along the towpath.


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