Construction at Fifteenmile Creek Campground

Fifteenmile Creek Campground--toward the boat ramp construction

We were pleased to see that the Fifteenmile Creek Campground and boat ramp’s facelift are back in progress.  I didn’t get to talk to anybody, so I’m not sure when the project will be completed.  However, it looks like using the ramp will be easier than before, and the lot on the upper left side that is currently being used for staging equipment should make for valuable parking spaces upon its completion.  This is a popular spot for fishermen, campers, and scouting groups, and the improvements should be a valuable recreational addition for both C&O Canal and Potomac River enthusiasts.

This lot is being used to park heavy equipment--for now. The campground and boat ramp have been a bit packed at times in the past, but more space should alleviate the problem

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  1. Posted by russell neff on June 24, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    i have been useing this ramp for years and never once saw it “packed” is there an update as to when it will be reopened ?
    the ramps at snydars landing and the wv ramp at sheperdstown really need some this money.

    the ramp at pt of rocks is a blessing, why not build a new maryland ramp at sheperdstown ?
    add some parking at snyders landing?


  2. Posted by LevelWalker on June 25, 2013 at 4:05 pm


    I did talk to somebody at Bill’s, and the initial goal was (to the best of my knowledge) Memorial Day. That has passed, of course, but in mid-June it looked like they were getting pretty close. There was a period of time when the State of Maryland was short of funds, and the Fifteen Mile Creek project was vacated for several months. As I understand it (from reading the signs), this is a Maryland DNR project and has very little to do with the NPS.

    I agree that not all of the boat ramps are created equally. Dargan Bend is definitely much nicer than Snyder’s Landing, and other places like Bond’s Landing are fairly difficult to reach.

    Fifteen Mile Creek does look like it will be improved upon its completion. The ramp will extend further into the river, and it should be a better situation in low water, etc.

    Shepherdstown would actually be a good place to have something on the WV side! I would guess that Maryland thinks that Snyder’s Landing, Taylor’s Landing, and Dargan, and Big Slackwater are close enough.

    Thanks for some great thoughts and insights! That was a really good comment!


  3. What a lovely view and how exciting to see the facelift in progress.


  4. Posted by LevelWalker on July 8, 2013 at 8:00 pm


    They just finished it, and it looks GREAT!!! If I recall correctly, Little Orleans was Herbert Hoover’s favorite place to fish, and it’s still really good.


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