Two More Culverts: 221 & 215

Pigmans Run Culvert (mi. 169.17)

Culvert 221 takes Pigmans Run underneath of the C&O Canal at mile 169.17.  It’s in excellent condition and is located at the downstream end of the Pigmans Ferry hiker/biker overnight campground.  Seeing many of the culverts that run underneath of the canal requires a difficult scramble down the bank, but this one literally has a mowed path leading to the downstream opening.  Due to dry conditions in the area, the stream was running a bit low, but there were still many minnows that seemed to be thriving in a small pool below the culvert.

Culvert 215 at Big Run (mi. 161.82)

The Big Run Culvert (#215) is a brick-lined 16′ span.  The stream drains the eastern slope of Green Ridge State Forest, and the dry bed looks like it can potentially contain a significant amount of water.  This culvert was built in 1850 and has held up pretty well, with the exception of the missing masonry work that once fronted the structure

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  1. Dear LevelWalker,

    I enjoy your articles right much, and thank you therefor. I’ve been a denizen of the canal since about 1953, and, with friends, spent most summer’s days there from 9-11 grades, mostly from Glen Echo to the Monocacy River.

    It is horrid and atrocious that some city folks took control and destroyed the privacy of the canal with the parkin and picnickin spots at Carderock. There was a colony of relatively rare spotted turtles that they thus destroyed, and the citification there also drove away the many fence swifts that used to inhabit the cliffs there.

    btw, the past participle of “mow” is “mown”, not “mowed”. Like sew, sewn, grow, grown, throw thrown, sow, sown. Thank you for your support, on behalf of Friends of the Gerund.

    Franklin Holloway


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