Trees in the sky!

Tree on abandoned railroad trestle pier

Tree on abandoned railroad trestle pier

Maybe you’ve already seen this, but there is an old, abandoned railroad trestle right below the Shepherdstown bridge.  Looking downstream, there are three piers, all of which have a fairly significant tree growing at the top.  I’m not exactly sure how their roots get any nourishment out of the scant soil in the mortar, or how they managed to get established in heavy winds, etc.  But there they are!  I would estimate that the tree on the West Virginia side is twenty feet tall as it sits atop a stone monolith rising–perhaps–sixty feet into the air.  It has to be a hard life, but if trees could talk, I imagine these lofty specimens are having the last laugh when the Potomac floods and threatens their brethren on the river bank.


Side view--showing the tree on the second pier

Side view–showing the tree on the second pier

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