Culvert 212 (Fairplay Station)

Culvert 212 (Mile 158.79)

Culvert 212 (Mile 158.79)

Culvert #212 (Fairplay Station) is located at mile 158.79.  Unlike nearby Purslane Run (and other larger culverts), #212 seems to show that size–or a lack of it–does matter as canal structures are concerned.  This tiny tube is silted in, and the water nearly fills the entire arch.  When photographing this culvert, I did see several minnows swimming around near the outflow.  Over the years, I’ve seen a couple more culverts in this condition, and, likewise, many of the aqueducts have lost their upstream walls due to flooding, etc.  The key term in describing the C&O Canal is that it’s a historical park, meaning that much of it is in an “authentic” state of disrepair.  It’s probably not economically feasible to replace or fix every damaged structure in the park, but that’s the beauty of the place.  Cleaning things up too much would be almost as blasphemous as paving the towpath.

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