Culvert 103 (70.38)

Looks like new!

Looks like new!

Culvert #103 is a hidden–and nearly forgotten–piece of work from the 1830s that goes under the canal at mi. 70.38.  It handles the runoff from an extremely small wet-weather stream and can be seen from the road at a bend about a half-mile from the roadside parking for the Antietam Aqueduct (heading toward Shepherdstown).  The downstream wall is in excellent condition–as is the upstream, although it is covered in moss.  Crossing the road from the canal, there is something that looks like the remnants of an old spring, and when water flows there (which appears to be rarely), it runs through a stone sluice of sorts into a tube under the road.  From there, it enters into this culvert.  The lack of flow entering the culvert makes it one of the best preserved canal structures that I have seen in a long time, so if you like your history nearly intact, keep an eye out for culvert #103 when passing through the Antietam area.

There's not much happening inside either

There’s not much happening inside either

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