Parkside Graveyard (157.4) and Autumn Fields

Parkside Graveyard at 157.4

Parkside Graveyard at 157.4

I have heard and seen the little patch at mi. 157.4 referred to as either the parkside graveyard or canal laborers’ graveyard.  I’m sure there is plenty of history in this area, but the few very weathered gravestones don’t give away a lot of secrets.  However, I can’t think of too many more scenic places to be laid to rest.  This is one of those areas where the canal veers away from the river, and there are large sections of cleared acreage that have been mowed and turned into those huge, round bales of hay.  In all, as the greens and browns began to mingle in the looming frosty air, it made for a peaceful scene that will soon give way to the barren landscape of winter.

Autumn fields, looking toward West Virginia

Autumn fields, looking toward the Potomac and West Virginia

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  1. Although one can get lost in one’s thoughts pretty much anywhere along the canal, this cemetery is one place which seems to beg for reflection. It is also another reason to take the hike upstream from the tunnel parking lot, as you posted several weeks ago.


  2. Posted by LevelWalker on November 19, 2013 at 10:44 pm

    The graveyard looked great with the upper end of the nearby field framed in hay bales. I was thinking pretty much the same thing. It looks like a great place to light a pipe and pay homage to the canallers of yesteryear! That entire section has an abundance of wildlife and some really good scenery!


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