Most JUAN-ted: Roving Graffiti Artist!

Oh (and might I add) brother!

Oh (and might I add) brother!

Recently, while hiking near the Purslane Run hiker/biker campsite, we chanced upon a so-called work of art.  Aside from the drawing on the picnic table, the caption read: More Juan: Tour de Ignorance, 2013.  Personally, I agree and disagree with this statement: artwork in the park certainly is ignorant, but instead of MORE JUAN, I could certainly use a whole lot less of him.

Okay, I have absolutely zero talent with a pencil or marker, so I admit that the picture took a certain degree of skill.  However, we are talking about a national park here.  Come on, man!  Now I’m wondering precisely what Tour de Ignorance means.  Does it mean that the artist wanting to be known as Juan has left a trail of nonsense all along the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal?

Seeing this kind of reminded me of our recent post entitled The Indigo Witch Project.  Somebody went to a whole lot of trouble creating some sort of stick sculpture in the ruins of Lockhouse 57.  Could it have been a part of this Tour de Ignorance?  Who knows?

I’m kind of approaching this tongue-in-cheek style, and I’m willing to admit that the artist(s) at work in the park have some skills.  However, in the end, the true artiste will be armed with a paintbrush and a can of brown paint, and he or she will cover up this masterpiece with a coat or two of very welcomed latex.  Juan, or whatever your name is, please buy a sketchbook.  You’re not bad with a drawing instrument, but the park looks better without graffiti.

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