Log Roll-ed…again

Log Roll Trail...across Md. Rt. 51 from Town Creek C&O access

Log Roll Trail…across Md. Rt. 51 from Town Creek C&O access

Last Summer, Candee and I noticed that the sign for the Log Roll Trail was directly across the road from one of our usual C&O Canal access points, and we made plans to hike to the overlook that’s approximately 4.5 miles away.  Unfortunately, our first attempt was “cut” short as we were ripped to shreds by briars after advancing–perhaps–100 yards.  Over the past several months, we’ve done some hiking in Green Ridge State Forest, but the Log Roll Trail continued to be unfinished business.  Today, it was high time to rectify this situation!  Or was it?

As we headed into the woods toward Big Run, we had high hopes of crossing the trail off of our respective bucket lists, but as it turns out, we didn’t successfully cross a whole lot of anything.  Due to the recent thaw, the icy stream was running a lot higher than usual, and on our third fording neither of us were successful in rock-hopping across–leaving both of us soaked to our knees in the numbingly cold current.  As a result, we resoundingly agreed to admit defeat and head for the car.

Yes, I’m fully expecting to be kicked out of the He-Man Hiking Club of America just about any minute, but I do promise to take a third try at the trail sometime soon.  I’ve said this before, and I’ll probably say it again: today, we should have stuck with the towpath.

Orange blazes, ice, and high water!

Orange blazes, ice, and high water!

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