Pen Mar County Park: A “Sign” of Things to Come

From Georgia to Maine

From Georgia to Maine.

Pen Mar Park is widely known as the place where Appalachian Trail thru-hikers leave Maryland and enter Pennsylvania–or vice versa.  Both Candee and I would like to hike the AT someday, but for now we’re thinking much smaller.  With Rt. 7 to Harpers Ferry done (a small part of Virginia and all of West Virginia), it’s all about finishing off Maryland.

The arrow is pointing at me, AND my backpack matches the sign!

The arrow is pointing at me, AND my backpack matches the sign! I’m generally not all that fashionable!

Our trip to Pen Mar was merely an exploratory mission.  We have one more day hike left in Maryland, and depending on which direction we take, the hike will either begin or end in the park.  Wow!  That’ll be something like 60 miles down and 2000 to go.

Overlook at Pen Mar County Park

Overlook at Pen Mar County Park.  Notice the railroad tracks about a third of the way up the picture.  Hikers cross the tracks just before entering Pennsylvania.

After checking out the overlook and cursing a bit about the locked restroom doors, we dipped our toes into the proverbial kiddie pool and took a short trip into Pennsylvania.  We didn’t learn very much, but we did see a few interesting signs and markers.

Another AT sign

Another AT sign

Upon returning to the car, we looked into the distance in both directions.  The climbs look pretty intimidating each way, but they’re nothing compared to the Whites or Smokies.  However, there was a time when Weverton and Loudoun Heights looked pretty difficult.  Until the time is right to take on the trail as a whole, it’s all about baby steps and being good enough to take on the hikes that lie ahead.  It should be fun.

Crossing the Mason-Dixon Line into Pennsylvania.  There's a trail log in the mail box.

Crossing the Mason-Dixon Line into Pennsylvania. There’s a trail log in the mail box.

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  1. You should do the whole Appalachian Walk, I hear it’s beautiful. I’m sure there are perilous parts and right now it would be too cold, but I wish I had the stamina and gungho to do it. Beautiful articles and pictures.


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