Caves Along the C&O Canal

Yoo-hoo, Anybody home?


A quick look on Google reveals that there are several caves in the vicinity of Snyders Landing.  It’s true that many of the citizens of Sharpsburg, Md. hid out in these caves during a Civil War battle that took place there, but our only previous experience with them was to duck out of a cold October rain a few years ago while biking.  We ditched our bikes in the canal and shivered in the opening until it became really obvious that the rain wasn’t going to stop.

Tree Art!


It’s really amazing what one can miss on a bike, but we’re trying to turn over a new leaf and check out some of the interesting places along the C&O Canal.  Our first post on this website was about a bike ride that we started at Snyders Landing, and we promised to return there…someday, so on a last minute whim we decided to find the cave we hid out in long ago.  As usual, the trip wasn’t disappointing.



As I’m writing this, we’re in the midst of another cool evening, and a few more leaves will no doubt change color before the night passes.  It’s odd that the leaves exchange the cool colors of summer for the warm pastels of autumn, but that’s just the way it is.  However, the reds, browns, and oranges of fall offer a spectacular backdrop for the scenic Potomac River.  The waning sunlight danced on the water and offered up a picture that’s well-suited for a postcard.

Blazing Yellow!

Fall Colors reflecting in the Potomac River...




Near mile marker 76, a small stream flows underneath a culvert and emerges into the river in a small delta, but that’s when the Potomac is running low to normal.  Sometime in the coming months, the snow will fall and melt and the spring rains will raise the river again.  The river will rise, and the muddy brown water will erase the memories of today’s scene.



Culvert near Snyders Landing

Until then, I can only daydream about next year’s big bike ride from Cumberland to Georgetown.  I suppose the only thing to do is to explore all of the little things that the C&O has to offer.  Hmmm….Where should we go next?




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