Meeting a New Friend

We were fortunate enough to meet the mascot for Bill's Place

As we were doing our level walk today, we were greeted by a series of barks, and suddenly a spirited little beagle waded across the canal to say hello.  We’ve seen her in Bill’s Place a time or two and immediately recognized her.  The dog tag didn’t give a name and only stated that she should be returned to Bill’s Place if found, so we gave her the temporary nickname of BP.  After stopping long enough to have her picture taken with Candee, BP tagged along for a mile or so before heading back up the hill toward home.  Due to the brisk December weather, there weren’t any hikers or bikers out today, but me managed to make a new friend anyway.  Thanks for the visit, BP!


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  1. Posted by Feedback on January 29, 2012 at 3:06 am

    The blog is cool


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