Christmas on the Canal~2011

What a beautiful day!

My Christmas plans were about the same as any other year–you know, open a few presents and then lay around watching reruns of Man vs. Food the rest of the day.  Candee and her family, however, had other plans, so I was rousted out of bed early and headed for the C&O Canal.  I was kind of reminded of my pre-school days of watching The Electric Company on PBS.  This day was sponsored by the letter C:

Christmas, Candee, C&O, Canal…

Amazing Blue Sky on Christmas Day


Anyway, after packing up some drinks and sandwiches we headed off toward our usual parking spot at Pearre Station.  Yes, we’ve been spending a lot of time up there, and I promise to write about another part of the park soon.

Where was I…okay….got it.  We were greeted by a beautiful blue sky and temperatures in the mid-fifties, so the hike was both pleasant and comfortable.



Food For Our Fine Feathered Friends!


Candee strung up a decoration consisting or Cheerios, craisins, and popcorn so we could share the Christmas spirit with our furry and feathered friends.  She placed it on the fallen remains of her favorite Sycamore tree as we ate our lunch along the trail.  There are a few things in this life that I’m sure of.  For starters, everybody loves Christmas, and we love the C&O.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be an annual tradition.  Either way, it will be a Christmas to remember.


Broken Tree Ornament?

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