A Winter’s Tale (Dreaming about Summer)

We’ve been lucky so far and aside from a freak snowstorm in October, the western end of the C&O Canal NHP has been snow free–until now.  Anything pertaining to a bike ride seems to be a long way off.  I really have no idea if winter is half way over, or if the worst part has just begun.


Trestle Over Troubled Waters!

A snowy view of Lock 38


It seemed like a good day to keep it local and head for the Shepherdstown/Antietam section of the towpath. Surprisingly, we weren’t the only ones taking a walk on its hard, crunchy surface.

The white background does offer a unique perspective of Lock 38 and the Potomac River, and I have to admit that it made for a nice getaway.



A Frozen Treat!


The ice-covered Antietam Aqueduct showed signs of a few deer that had crossed recently.  With 50-plus degree temperatures around the corner, this winter wonderland will pass–at least temporarily–and canal goers everywhere can continue to count down the days until the arrival of spring.  Meanwhile, back at the garage, the tires are completely flat on the bikes. I guess you could say that we’re anxiously awaiting Punxsutawney Phil’s big date with the weatherman.  Until then, enjoy the snow!

Antietam Aqueduct


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