Local Trails

Local Hikes in West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania:

Antietam Battlefield Hiking Trail (MD):
Union Advance Trail/Final Attack Trail/Snavely Ford Trail
West Woods Trail/Cornfield Trail
Appalachian Trail (MD/WV/VA):
AT/Loudoun Heights (Meets C&O)
Harpers Ferry to Weverton or Weverton Cliff (Meets C&O)
Keys Gap to Harpers Ferry
The Roller Coaster (Route 7 to Route 9)
Sky Meadows State Park
Catoctin Mountain Park (MD):
Catoctin Mountain Park
Gambrill State Park (MD):
Gambrill State Park:  The Yellow Trail
Great Allegheny Passage (MD):
Frostburg to Eastern Continental Divide (Meets C&O)
Greenbrier State Park (MD):
The Big Red Trail Loop (Near the A.T.)
Green Ridge State Forrest (MD):
Pine Lick Trail (Near C&O)
Log Roll Trail (Meets C&O)
Carroll Road from Point Lookout Overlook to Stickpile Tunnel (Near C&O)
Deep Run/Big Run
Twin Oaks Trail
Mountain Bike Loop
Martinsburg (WV):
WV Route 9 Trail  AKA: The “Jail Trail”
Paw Paw (MD):
Bike Route (Canal Access to and from Paw Paw)
Paw Paw Tunnel Hill (MD):
Paw Paw Tunnel Hill Trail to Tunnel Hill Road/Eastern Portal of Kessler Tunnel (Meets C&O)
Sky Meadows State Park (VA):
Sky Meadows State Park
Tuscarora Trail (WV):
Hampshire Grade Road to High Rock–Beacon Trail
Looking for Coal on the Tuscarora Trail–The Old Mine Trail (Audubon Road parking lot)
Spruce Pine Hollow Campground to Devils Nose  or Spruce Pine Hollow Campground
Jim West Road to River Road
 Sleepy Creek Lake




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