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Big Slackwater, Part II

Big Slackwater Project as viewed from West Virginia

Yesterday, we took a short hike upstream from Dam 4 in hopes of getting a closer look at the ongoing Big Slackwater Project.  We managed to a get a decent picture from a distance, so today we decided to find out what we could see from the West Virginia side of the Potomac River.  Much of the riverfront property along Whitings Neck Road is posted as private property, but it’s still possible to observe the equipment and progress that’s being made.

Great View of the Cliff meeting the River--of course, it's fun to look at the big equipment, too!

The cliffs are pretty vertical, and working on land is virtually impossible for this project.  The only way to approach the task is from the river on barges and pontoons, which makes the job a difficult one at best.  Since the start of the project, there have been several minor floods, which to be sure, makes the project even more difficult to accomplish.

We’re hoping to complete our third through ride next summer, and the prospect of seeing new scenery–and avoiding the detour–is very exciting.