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Bill’s Place- Little Orleans, Maryland

Best Kept Secret in Maryland!

When riding down the C&O Canal, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s a long way from Paw Paw to Hancock. Mile after seemingly endless mile of dusty towpath can sure work up a thirst or hunger pang, but we’re very fortunate to have Bill’s Place situated between the two in Little Orleans, Maryland.

Relaxin' at Bill's Place

Okay, so what is Bill’s Place? It’s a combination saloon, restaurant, bait shop, and canoe rental establishment, and owner Bill Schoenadel is nothing short of a legend in the upper Potomac valley.

What's Cooking?



Need directions? Go see Bill. Want to know about the local history? Talk to Bill. Want a side of breaded clams with your beer? Once again, Bill is the man for you! Just stepping inside the door to Bill’s Place is an experience.

Bills at Bill's!






It’s like stepping back in time, and a glance at the ceiling reveals another unique feature: you can sign and date a dollar bill, and Mr. Schoenadel will eventually get around to pasting it on the ceiling. There are literally thousands of them!




Picture Perfect!

So…if you’re ped’lin’ your bike along the C&O, down in Little Orleans you need to take it slow…