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Tony’s Pizza Time Cafe


It's worth the walk! (or ride!)


If you’re biking the entire length of the C&O Canal towpath, then you’re sure to be hungry when you pass through the Cushwa Basin area of Williamsport.  If you’re in the mood for Italian food, you’ll find delicious pizza (and a loaded menu) less than 4/10 of a mile away from the C&O Canal Path visitor’s parking lot.  True, you have to come up a slight hill, but the effort will be well worth it!


Come out of the parking, head up the hill (West Potomac Street), and turn right onto Conococheague Street. Tony’s Pizza Time Cafe will be on the left-hand side on the next corner.  While perusing their menu, make sure to look for Crazy Tony’s Pizza-topped with bacon cheese fries, ranch dressing, with cheddar & mozzarella cheese.

Green Ridge State Forest Meets the C&O Canal

Candee enjoying the view at Point Lookout




Bonds Landing is a secluded boat ramp on the Potomac River that can be accessed by taking either Carroll Road or Mertens Avenue to Kasecamp Road. Kasecamp Road is sometimes referred to as the Kasecamp Loop because it forms a lopsided oval.



The good news is that because of this unique feature, it’s virtually impossible to get lost in this beautiful and secluded section of the upper Potomac Valley. After all, a left onto either Mertens Avenue or Carroll Road leads back to the Oreleans/Old town Road.

Today, we decided to take Carroll Road toward the river. Along the way, we came to a breathtaking view of the valley below known as Point Lookout. The warm, humid air brought a haze into the area that obscured the scenery a bit, but woods, farmland, and two abandoned railroad trestles were easy to spot in the distance.

Point Lookout...what a view even on a hazy day!

Carroll Chimney, which can be viewed from Carroll Road, is a remnant of a steam-powered sawmill built in 1836


Carroll Chimney and Roby Cemetery are two features along Carroll Road that bring nature and history together as each blend in well with the surrounding forest.

The Roby Cemetery is located within a mossy, moist area, which over time has caused the gravestones to tilt at odd angles.















Besides offering access to the river, Bonds Landing is an excellent parking spot (near mile marker 150) for hikers and bikers on the C&O. The closest point of interest are Little Orleans (10 miles to the east) and the Paw Paw tunnel (6 miles to the west), but this section of the canal is known mainly for its many lonely miles. Those who come to this part of the C&O Canal NHP or Green Ridge State Forest will definitely not be disappointed.

Bonds Landing Boat Ramp on the Potomac River


Stickpile Tunnel…found!

We found this side first...the eastern portal of the tunnel can be soggy and difficult to access. Like the other end, it is blocked and entering from this side is definitely not recommended.




After last week’s failure and a grim weather forecast for today, we didn’t have high hopes for locating the Stickpile Tunnel. However, a good set of directions and a little bit of persistence generally goes a long way, and our latest attempt at finding the tunnel ended in success.

The key is to use Carroll Road as a marker, and a left turn onto Kasecamp Road led us to the eastern portal about 2/10 of a mile later.  From there, we turned around and found the western portal about a 1/2 mile in the other direction–near a large gravel pile.




The tunnel is in relatively good condition, but it would take a fair amount of work to make it ready for bicycle traffic. The same can be said for the rest of the proposed route for the Western Maryland Rail Trail extension.  The project will take lots of time and money, but even the most hardcore C&O enthusiasts can hardly wait for its sister trail to be extended.

View of the east end of the Stickpile Tunnel from Kasecamp Road



For those who are hiking or biking on the canal and are up for an adventure, simply follow the road out of Bonds landing and  take a left onto Kasecamp Road. We didn’t measure  the exact distance, but travel in this direction until you see a large gravel pile.  From there, a short dirt road leads to the tunnel (west portal).


In all, the Stickpile Tunnel and the Green Ridge area are well worth the trip, and sometime in the near future we would like to find the Kessler Tunnel and take a few pictures.  I guess we must have a thing for abandoned railroad tunnels.




Right around the bend from the east end of the Stickpile Tunnel, and a short climb up a hill is where you'll find a great view of Kasecamp Road, the C&O Canal, and the canal towpath.

The western portal of the Stickpile Tunnel is accessible from the C&O Canal via a short walk/ride down Kasecamp Road.

Inside looking out....western portal of the Stickpile Tunnel

Looking in....this picture shows the support beams on the inside of the Stickpile Tunnel. If you look carefully, you can see where some of the beams have been removed on both sides.


C&O Bike Shop-Hancock, Maryland

A great place for bike supplies, drinks, and snacks!

The C&O Bike Shop, located at 9 South Pennsylvania Avenue in Hancock, Maryland, is ideally situated between the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and Western Maryland Rail Trail. The shop offers a wide variety of services, including bike sales and rentals, maintenance, clothing, gear, snacks, and drinks. In spite of its size, Hancock has become a cycling mecca in the area, and numerous riders flock to the rail trail and towpath. Lots of riders, naturally, make for a plethora of flat tires and other mechanical failures, and we have been victims of our fair share of problems. Fortunately, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at the C&O Bike Shop has been there to bail us out on more than one occasion. The latest was a couple of weeks ago, and we thought it would be a good idea to send a thank you to the guys at the shop. Keep up the good work!

Phone: (301) 678-6665

Breaded Clams & Beer (An Ode to Bill’s Place)

Breaded Clams (and Fried Cauliflower) & Beer!

If you’re ped’lin’ your bike
Along the C & O
Down at Little Orleans
You need to take it slow
There’s a place called Dollar Bill’s there
Or so I hear

And they’re famous for their breaded clams and beer

Breaded clams and beer
Are two things near and dear
That seafood keeps me thirstin’
And I drink suds until I’m burstin’
Hey barkeep gimme another round

For me and my friend here
We’ll both have them breaded clams and beer

Well, you can get yoreself a sammich
Or the beef stick and some crackers
The country ham and deep fried Spam
Are a couple more lip smackers
It’s all as good as can be
But not as good, I hear
As Ol’ Bill’s famous breaded clams and beer

Them breaded clams and beer
Make me wanna cheer
Them clams are a sight
With a Miller Lite
In a mug that’s nice and clear
Hey barkeep how ’bout another round
For me and my friends here
We’ll all have them breaded clams and beer!

Well, Bill and his posse don’t get around
They spend most of their days in Orleans town
Sittin’ along the Fifteenmile
And grinnin’ from ear to ear
They all like the simple things
Like a cold Budweiser and a plate of wings
But after fishin’ or a-huntin’
You can’t beat breaded clams and beer

OH…them breaded clams and beer
Are a favorite throughout the year
Order a Guinness Stout
The boys’ll throw you out
And you’ll wind up on your rear
Hey! Billy, we’ll have another round
Me and my fishin’ buddies here
Yep, we’ll have them breaded clams and beer

*Dedicated to ol’ Bill and the patrons of Bill’s Place in Little Orleans, Maryland