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The Mystery Machine

I wouldn't even want to walk across this old trestle for fear of falling through the rotten boards, and yet here sits a huge piece of machinery!





I admit to being a middle-aged Scooby Doo fan, but this mystery machine was and still is a mystery.  On December 18th, we went to Pearre Station for the start of our level walk, when we noticed a piece of heavy equipment sitting on the rickety railroad bridge over Sideling Hill Creek.  Let me put this in perspective:  I have never felt comfortable walking across the bridge, and I can’t imagine what the guy driving this machine must have been feeling.




I sent out an email to Steve Dean of the C&O Canal Association, and he came up empty.  Nobody seems to know what this thing was doing on the worn out bridge.  Apparently, the Western Maryland Rail Trail is still in the planning stage and no work is being done on the proposed extension.  Anyway, we went back on Christmas Day, and the machine was nowhere to be found.  I guess we’ll never know.


We couldn't believe our eyes!