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Stickpile Tunnel…found!

We found this side first...the eastern portal of the tunnel can be soggy and difficult to access. Like the other end, it is blocked and entering from this side is definitely not recommended.




After last week’s failure and a grim weather forecast for today, we didn’t have high hopes for locating the Stickpile Tunnel. However, a good set of directions and a little bit of persistence generally goes a long way, and our latest attempt at finding the tunnel ended in success.

The key is to use Carroll Road as a marker, and a left turn onto Kasecamp Road led us to the eastern portal about 2/10 of a mile later.  From there, we turned around and found the western portal about a 1/2 mile in the other direction–near a large gravel pile.




The tunnel is in relatively good condition, but it would take a fair amount of work to make it ready for bicycle traffic. The same can be said for the rest of the proposed route for the Western Maryland Rail Trail extension.  The project will take lots of time and money, but even the most hardcore C&O enthusiasts can hardly wait for its sister trail to be extended.

View of the east end of the Stickpile Tunnel from Kasecamp Road



For those who are hiking or biking on the canal and are up for an adventure, simply follow the road out of Bonds landing and  take a left onto Kasecamp Road. We didn’t measure  the exact distance, but travel in this direction until you see a large gravel pile.  From there, a short dirt road leads to the tunnel (west portal).


In all, the Stickpile Tunnel and the Green Ridge area are well worth the trip, and sometime in the near future we would like to find the Kessler Tunnel and take a few pictures.  I guess we must have a thing for abandoned railroad tunnels.




Right around the bend from the east end of the Stickpile Tunnel, and a short climb up a hill is where you'll find a great view of Kasecamp Road, the C&O Canal, and the canal towpath.

The western portal of the Stickpile Tunnel is accessible from the C&O Canal via a short walk/ride down Kasecamp Road.

Inside looking out....western portal of the Stickpile Tunnel

Looking in....this picture shows the support beams on the inside of the Stickpile Tunnel. If you look carefully, you can see where some of the beams have been removed on both sides.