Feelin’ Kinda Dirty, Feelin’ Kinda Mean

High Water at Dam 5

Lately, I’ve been told that my titles for these posts are pretty boring.  With that in mind, I’ve borrowed a line from Foreigner’s “Double Vision”–one that seems to fit the situation.  After a couple of days of relatively heavy rain, the Potomac is high, muddy, and looking pretty agitated below Dam 5.  When the river is running low-to-normal, fishermen boulder hop about halfway across and fish in a small hole just below the dam.  If they were fishing there today, I’m guessing that they would be waste deep in fast moving, dangerous water.  Today’s level is pretty typical of the Potomac after a spring rain.  In fact, the drop at the dam can all but disappear during flooding, leaving only a wave of turbulence that stretches across the river.  All things considered, today was pretty mild, but it is a subtle reminder that the flood season is upon us.

That's me on the right. (Photo taken by Steve Dean)

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