<–This Way to Barrons Store


If I’m watching TV or listening to the radio, advertisements drive me crazy, but a sand arrow on the towpath is an entirely different story!  This clever “sign” happens to point directly at Barrons Store (mi. 76.73).  The store is open on weekends from 10am to 6pm and offers drinks, snacks, and ice cream.  For those taking the Cumberland to Georgetown ride, it’s a long way between Williamsport and Harpers Ferry (Shepherdstown if you cross the river), and for anybody who needs a bottle of water or a burst of energy, there isn’t much in between–making this location perfect!  I haven’t been in the store for several years, but it’s in a scenic location, and who can resist ice cream?  I know I’m stopping next time I’m in the neighborhood.

Barrons (76.73)

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