Lockhouse 25, Edwards Ferry

Lockhouse 25

Lockhouse 25, Edwards Ferry

Lockhouse 25 is located at mile 30.8 on the C&O Canal. According to Thomas Hahn’ s ¬†Towpath Guide to the C&O Canal, the lockhouse was completed in 1831. In spite of its age, the house is part of the Canal Quarters program and is available for overnight rental.

The cost for an overnight stay is $100, and that seems like a bargain in spite of the lack of amenities. There may not be heat, electricity, or running water, but the lockhouse is a short drive from Poolesville, MD, and a short hike or bike ride in either direction leads to some of the more interesting sights along the Canal.

Besides the lock and lockhouse, Edwards Ferry also has river access at the boat ramp and ¬†the remains of Jarboe’ s Store. The store closed in 1906, and very little is left of it. During our through-ride in 2009, a crew was dismantling the brickwork, and I’m not sure what the plans are for the current shell. ¬†Nevertheless, this is an interesting area, and I plan on spending the night in the lockhouse next year.

Jarboe' s Store

Jarboe’ s Store

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  1. What a fun adventure that will be. I noticed an outhouse nearby, that is good since it is quite primitive other than that. I think it’s nice though that adventure seekers can stay in such a historic site. Sounds like something I’d have done in my hay days. :)


  2. Posted by LevelWalker on October 26, 2013 at 10:40 pm


    Agreed. I have to spend the night in one of the lockhouse–someday!


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