The new midway post at mile 92.5

The new midway post at mile 92.25

Back in 2009, I did my first thru-ride on the C&O Canal towpath with a couple of friends.  We stopped and took pictures of many things, and a few miles below Williamsport, at about the halfway point, we started looking around for a marker to pose beside to add to our memories.  No doubt, any picture would have been labeled with some corny reference to a line from a certain Bon Jovi song.  Instead, we found no indication that we had completed half of our ride, and eventually we pedaled on in disappointment.

Strangely enough, on or about the tenth anniversary of this ride, the C&O Canal Association donated the money for this fine looking marker, which was designed and set into the ground by Jim Heins and his VIP (volunteers in the park) crew.   In my opinion, the midpoint marker is a great addition to the hiking and biking aspect of the park.  For the moment it has no real historic value, but I think people traveling the length of the towpath, in whatever manner, will find it a handy reminder that they are halfway done, as well as being a good place to take a break or a picture.

It stands a little bit taller than the mile markers that people are used to seeing, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to spot.  It’s not at all gaudy and has met with all of the NPS compliance codes, and, in my opinion, it is the perfect addition to both a wonderful bike path and one of America’s great national parks.  So, go have a look!  It’s very cool!

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